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All the Pathos and Pain - Sardonic Artery
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All the Pathos and Pain
An old one for you LJ crowd, but it's new to The Midnight Diner:

My friend, John, says he’s going to kill himself.

I know John from Thursdays at the halfway house. I pick him up at the nearby bus station and I drop him back in Denver at the end of the night. That way he can clear up his stuff before the trash men come in the morning.

His wife, Toni, died a decade ago. Cancer didn’t care that they’d been together for 21 years and he still wears a black ring to this day. He got destructive afterwards; burned his house to the ground and binged on anything he could get his hands on. Hated the devil, hated God. Didn’t see any difference between them. Hated people, too. Says he still does, but he called me anyway.

The rest: http://www.themidnightdiner.com/all-the-pathos-and-pain/

The live version (complete with rabid intro): http://www.welcometothevelvet.com/podcast/2010/04/episode-016-live-%E2%80%93-colin-mckay-miller-reads-at-leela-european-cafe/

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