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Do the Dead Call Collect? - Sardonic Artery
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Do the Dead Call Collect?
Second piece about my time at the halfway house is live at The Midnight Diner (though I've been crashing the site lately with my rad popularity):

Manny’s dead brother kept calling the house until he got his tombstone.

This dead brother, he didn’t speak, but he’d beep over the phone: One beep for yes; multiple beeps for chili rellenos (his favorite meal); no beeps for the sister. She’s the one who didn’t buy the tombstone and his anger would not be quelled. While the beeping might not convince some people, the dead brother’s number popping up on the caller I.D.—even after the phone company insisted it was disconnected—is certainly worth a cock of the head, but then the dead brother got his tombstone and the calls immediately ceased.

The rest: http://www.themidnightdiner.com/do-the-dead-call-collect/

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