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"The Ocean Thief" in Coach's Midnight Diner Issue 3 - Sardonic Artery
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"The Ocean Thief" in Coach's Midnight Diner Issue 3
My fiction piece, "The Ocean Thief" (formerly known as "The Man Who Put the Ocean in a Book"), is in an upcoming issue of The Midnight Diner. They've put up an author's page for issue #3 -- my ego / noggin is barely contained in the fourth picture frame from the bottom -- and they're accepting pre-sales here: http://themidnightdiner.com

Since it's a short piece, I'll only excerpt the first paragraph here. Yes, it reads like allegory:

The man who put the ocean in a book put it in there when no one was looking. How he did this, no one knows, because someone somewhere is always looking, but that's what he said. People expected this man to not be a man at all, or the book to be larger than the earth, opening up its large pages to absorb all that water, but both appeared normal. What normal meant when it came to the ocean, however, had changed. Beaches kept going, the sand getting deeper where the ocean used to push it down. All sea life was gone, sucked into the pages, seaweed and all. Those in boats or submarines had to call to get helicopters to come pick them up. They had not noticed the ocean draining around them; they did not know how they got left out of the book. Naval forces disbanded. Fishermen went back to being men. The desert of the ocean was a popular vacation spot until people realized they didn't need any more deserts.

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