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Leela's European Cafe Reading Podcast - Sardonic Artery
Bright Like an A-Bomb Sparkler!
Leela's European Cafe Reading Podcast
My reading of "All the Pathos and Pain" (9.5 minutes, about a homeless friend going to kill himself) is available here: http://www.welcometothevelvet.com/podcast/2010/04/episode-016-live-%E2%80%93-colin-mckay-miller-reads-at-leela-european-cafe/

The complete list of readings is here: http://www.welcometothevelvet.com/podcast/2010/04/

Fair warning that everyone but me is (most likely) explicit. Really liked Bradley Sands reading about the anarchy of pee-wee soccer and Axel Taiari's reading (it's French and dreamy) about a dying grandmother.

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